Gc Plaque Check + Ph Kit

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GC Plaque Indicator Kit is a five minute, chairside motivation test which helps educate patients on plaque cariogenicity (the factors that can influence dental caries). This product also identifies areas of plaque location and production. It is helpful at identifying mature plaque (blue in color; more than 48 hours old) and fresh plaque (pink/red in color). The patient can now see that more careful attention to their oral hygiene is necessary in order to avoid future caries and maintaining a healthy oral environment.


  • Demonstrates plaque acid production
  • Visually demonstrates areas of retained plaque
  • Assess the effect of dietary changes
  • Dentist and patient work together
  • Simple Fast Color change easy to assess


  • Provides visual and educational tool for patient on caries
  • Makes the patient feel concerned and motivated about their oral health
  • No need for culture
  • Five minute test
  • Motivator for your patients
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