Waldent EndoPro Cordless Endomotor

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  • Flawless Safety Functions:

The autoreverse and autoforward modes with automatic safety stop minimize the risk of file breakage.

  • Ergonomic Design:

EndoPro has ergonomic design which makes it fit for the dentist’s use.

  • Slim body:

The slim body and extremely small head allow optimal visibility during procedures.

  • Hygiene and maintenance:

The contra-angle head is sterilizable and thermodisinfectable. Handpiece drive and charging station can be disinfected through wiping down, can be cleaned with a soft cloth with ethanol

  • Contra-angle attachment with extremely small head
  • Auto reverse and auto-forward mode
  • Reliability with long-life Li-ion battery

Waldent introduces Cordless Endomotor with optimum freedom making conventional endodontics better & efficient. EndoPro amazes as a cordless endomotor with brilliant & smart optimization for Advanced Endodontics.Optimum head size enables better view for the endodontists thus, enhancing their efficiency.




  • When the resistance higher than the torque , there is no automatic reverse , and the equipment will stop working.


  • It will keep forward and reverse circularly , the time would be forward 1/2 seconds, reverse 1/4 seconds


  • When the resistance higher than the torque , the equipment will auto-reverse , and then stop after the resistance disappeared.


  • When the resistance higher than the torque , the equipment will auto-reverse, and will be forward again after the resistance disappeared.


Key Specifications


Battery Voltage DC 3.7V
Battery Capacity 800mAh
Preset Programs 9 Types
Working Modes 4 Kinds
Standard Configuration Contra-Angle 16:01
Weight 230g
Rated Input Voltage AC 110-220
Output Voltage DC 5V
Output Current 1A


  • 1 x Endomotor Unit
  • 1 x Charging Unit
  • 1 x Power Adapter


  • EndoRing
  • Endoguard

Direction to Use

Program Functions:

Program Speed (rpm) Torque (N.cm) Function
Program 1   140 0.3 Automatic Stop Working Mode
Program 2   180 0.8 Forward & Reverse Reciprocation Motion Working Mode
Program 3   200 1 Automatic Reverse & Stop working Mode
Program 4   250 1.2 Auto-continuous working mode
Program 5   300 1.5 Automatic Reverse & stop working Mode
Program 6   350 1.8 Automatic Reverse & stop working Mode
Program 7   400 2 Automatic Reverse & stop working Mode
Program 8   500 2.2 Forward & Reverse Reciprocation Motion Working Mode



1 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defect on Endomotor ( 6months warranty on Battery )


1) What is the importance of speed in Endomotor?

Speed refers to the revolutions per minute & it is140-550 rpm. Speed affects the cutting efficiency of Endomotor. Speed can be preset according to the treatment need, canal anatomy or file system.

2) What is the importance of Reciprocation?

The functionality is to adjust both forward & backward angle of reciprocation, as well as the speed of movement of file. Any instrument in the market could be used in an asymmetrical reciprocation with this motor. It also helps in increasing the life span of rotary files and also reduces the time taken to shape the canals.

3) Why Auto-Continuous or Auto-Reverse is important?

Files are subjected to distinct torque levels during the root canal treatment. If the level of the torque is equal or greater than the deformation torque, the instrument will either deform or separate. Auto reverse rotation enables the motor to stop rotating and reverse the direction when the instrument is subjected to deformation torque value set on the motor & thus prevents the file separation or fracture.

4) What is Torque Sensor?

Torque sensing property of Endomotor helps in monitoring of the twisting force exerted on the file and allows the Auto-Reverse rotation of file when torque limit is exceeding. This reduces the chances of file breakage inside the canal.

5) What is the recommended Gear Ratio?

Gear ratio recommended is 16: 1 for general endo purposes. But you can adjust according to the need.  A reduction gear is an arrangement by which an input speed can be lowered for a requirement of slower output speed, with same or more output torque.

6) How many programs does it have?

EndoPro have 9 programs with 4 working modes.

7) Which file system is compatible with it?

Though we recommend Waldent Wal-flex file system, but another file system can also be used. To use the function of reciprocation it is recommended to use reciprocating file system.

8) How to charge the Endomotor?

A. Connect the Power Adapter to the charging stand.
• Insert the power cable to the backside of the charging unit.
B. Place the handpiece on the charging stand, during this period, please confirm that the power display flashes.
C. If the power display shows “FULL”, Then the battery has been fully charged.

Note: Please ensure the handpiece has been fully charged before its first use.


9) How long does it take to fully charge the Endomotor?

EndoPro takes approx. 90 minutes to fully charge.

10) How long you can work with fully charged EndoPro Endomotor?

 It works continuously for more than 48 hours once fully charged.

11) Can apex locator be attached with Endomotor from outside?

No, you cannot attach the apex locator from outside with EndoPro Endomotor.

12) Does it have the foot control panel?

No, it does not have the foot control system.

13) At what temperature does the contra-angle handpiece is sterilizable?

 The temperature recommended for sterilization of contra-angle handpiece is 135 degree.

14) How to maintain the Endomotor unit?

When the motor handpiece becomes dirty, wipe off with a cotton cloth moistened with 99% rubbing alcohol and seal it in a sterilization pouch.

15) How to insert the contra-angle?

 Do not rotate the Contra-Angle Head while pushing inside or pulling out of the Endomotor handpiece.

 16) How much warranty do the EndoPro Endomotor have?

the Waldent provides the warranty of 12 months against the manufacturer defect.

17) Packaging consists of?

  • 1 x Endomotor Unit (Contra-Angle Head & Endomotor Handpiece)
  • 1 x Charging Unit
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Instructions Manual


  • 1 x Endo Ring
  • 1 x Endo Guard
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